Victor or Power to the children
by Roger Vitrac
Translation: Pavlos Matesis
Direction: Yannis Anastasakis
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies
PREMIERE: Friday 12 July 2019
Victor or Power to the Children by Roger Vitrac is the National Theatre of Northern Greece second major production for the upcoming summer season. The work will be directed by Yannis Anastasakis at the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies in Pavlos Matesis’ translation from the French. The zany comedy, a landmark surrealist work, will receive its première on Friday 12 July 2019 and provide a little companionship for anyone who is still in the city in the summer and for visitors from abroad.
Premiere 12 July 2019 at 21:00
Days and times of performances: Tuesday to Friday, 21:00
English surtitles are provided for every performance.
Vasilis Darmas, who won over audiences and critics alike this winter with his performance in our Youth Theatre’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night - Time will play the lead role of Victor, a nine-year-old boy with larger - than - life sensibilities and an unconventional personality.
A few words about the play
On his ninth birthday, Victor decides he’s had enough of being the model son and sets out to expose his family's well - hidden secrets to the light. Slowly but deftly pulling the screen of bourgeois hypocrisy to one side, he keeps a tight hold on the reins right through to the end with revelations that blow the family’s peaceful existence, patriotic complacency and social conventionality sky high. Armed with honesty, naivety, innocence and a child’s wiliness, Victor attacks everything he cannot understand or accept as prerequisites for a quiet and safe life in polite society.
A surrealist, Roger Vitrac creates an original work which martials humour, lyricism and provocation to launch its attack. He aims his barbs at the bourgeois family, discomforting the audience with the terra infirma of a comedy with a... ‘tragic end’. This production comes 41 years after the play’s NTNG première.

Director's note
 “Improbabilities! There are improbabilities afoot here tonight!”
 General Etienne Lonségur

Both comedy and drama, merciless satire and poetic allegory, a manifesto for freedom and a children’s game, devastating farce and a cry in the wilderness... I find myself struggling to find words that do justice to this daring fantasy which Roger Vitrac bequeathed to the 20th-century theatre. His work achieves what our 21st-century theatre strives so hard to do: spotlight, critique and denounce the reality of the civilized nations in the Western world in 2019. Works like Victor give us the opportunity—players and audiences alike—to bravely confront our obsessions and pour scorn on ourselves and others. Relax! Power didn’t go to the children, in the end. We can thank our lucky stars! And they can thank theirs...
As for Victor, though it may seem strange, he’ll stay etched in our memory like the cave paintings in Altamira or the graffiti on the Paris Metro.
This production is dedicated to Tasos Pezirkianidis, the actor who played Antoine Magneau in this same theatre 41 years ago
 Yannis Anastasakis
 Victor or Power to the Children by Roger Vitrac
CREDITS: Translation: Pavlos Matesis, Direction: Yannis Anastasakis, Sets and Costumes: Maria Mylona, Music: Dimitris Theocharis, Movement: Sofia Papanikandrou, Lighting: Stelios Tzolopoulos, 1st Assistant Director: Giorgos Papastylianos, 2nd Assistant Director: Georgia Kyriazi, Stills photography: Tasos Thomoglou, Production: Marily Ventouri
*Assistant director (internship): Giorgos Michalakos , Assistant set designer (internship): Despina Toutountsoglou, Production assistant (internship): Giorgos Grinias
With Vasilis Darmas (Victor), Sofia Kalemkeridou (Lili), Grigoris Papadopoulos (Charles), Maria Bagana (Émilie), Gogo Papaioannou (Esther) Foteini Timotheou (Thérèse ), Thanos Feretzelis (Antoine ), Clio-Danae Othoneou (Ida), Kostas Santas (General), Giorgos Papastylianos (Doctor), Georgia Kyriazi (Maria)
Days and times of performances: Tuesday to Friday, 21:00

General entrance: 5€
Regular ticket: 13 € (stalls)
Regular ticket: 10 € (balcony)
Discounted ticket: 8 € (Students, over 65s)
Group ticket: 7 € (for bookings of 20 or more people)
Unemployed: Free (20 seats per performance)
People with disabilities: Free
Holders of a Polytechni card: 5€
Teachers who hold an ΟΛΜΕ-ΔΟΕ,ΟΙΕΛΕ, ΕΛΤΕΕΘ card: 10€
Conscripts: 5€
Officers in the armed forces: 8€