Beauty and the Beast
An NTNG event presented in Paediatric Departments of Hospitals and Charitable Organizations
DATES: 28/12/2017 – 30/04/2020
Stage instructor: Anny Tsolakidou
Costumes: Christos Broufas
Eleni Giannousi, Christos Ntaraktsis, Lefteris Angelakis
Information-reservations: Eirini Tyflopoulou [T. 2315 200 078 | E. [email protected]]

As part of its education and social policy, the National Theatre of Northern Greece has launched a new initiative for children up to 12 years of age, who are hospitalized in the Pediatric Departments of hospitals and Charitable Organizations in the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Three actors perform a short theatrical version of «Beauty and the Beast», both in the short and long-term care units with elements of pantomime and puppets, and Anny Tsolakidou as Stage Instructor.

The first performances of the act will begin at the Pediatric Clinic of AHEPA Hospital on January 3rd, 2018.

A few words about the Act

A beautiful girl, Belle, becomes a prisoner of a terrifying beast, in order to save her father. Belle is afraid of the Beast and tries to escape it. Every night, the Beast asks her to marry him and every night, Belle declines. She needs to learn to love the Beast.

The days pass by and Belle slowly falls in love with the Beast. When she kisses him, a shining cloud covers the Beast and terrifies the girl. Soon the cloud disperses. In its place there is a handsome young man, who looks at Belle adoringly. He reveals to her that he became a Beast because of a curse and that the curse would be broken only if he found someone who truly loved him. The young man confesses to Belle how much he loves her and how lonely he feels when she is not by his side. Belle and the Beast get married and their marriage is the happiest there ever was.

The classic tale is set as a parable for those who are going through hard times and they need to make their peace with it, in order to deal with it more effectively, to defeat it, and to overcome it. 

The Act is performed for free for the Pediatric Departments of Thessaloniki. 

The event is presented for free with the kind support of “ZAGORI” Natural Mineral Water.