The Festival

The Festival - Dimitris Kehaidis
Repeat: Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki, 04/04/1984
Opening: Xanthi, 18/03/1984

'The Festival' written in 1962 as a tribute to people of Thessaly plain abandoned to fade out in the margins of the post-war reconstruction. Forgotten and doomed to poverty and ignorance they will seek for escape that sleep, wine and dream offer them. The youngest, the more vivid cellules, they resort to the city, unsuspecting victims, those too, of an economic policy leading to the desolation of the province and the centralism of the urban areas. (Dimitris Kechaidis)

Playwright: Dimitris Kehaidis
Composition: Vassilis Tenidis
Music Instruction: Aigli Hava-Vagia
Director’s Assistant: Sakis Petkidis
37 performances - 7.232 spectators
Spring Tour (18/03/1984 - 10/05/1984)
Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki (04/04/1984 - 15/04/1984)
Cyprus (30/06/1984)