To Lose Lautrec

2010-2011 NTNG Dance Theatre
To Lose Lautrec
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 24/11/2010

The Dance Theatre of NTNG in cooperation with sinequanon dance group presents the dance theatre performance entitled: To Lose Lautrec.
It is a blend of modern dance with cabaret, as this is depicted in the work of visual artistToulouse Lautrec(1864-1901). Lautrec’s deep sympathy, despite his strong sense of satire, is based on a deep understanding of the common forces underlying the common fate of man’s existence. It is a meeting ground of people who are lost and alone in the visible world, alone in their destiny.
For the purposes of the performance, eight dancers, two musicians and twelve actors work together on stage while the belle époque of the late 19th century comes alive through a recycle of the materials (costumes and settings) of the NTNG.

Choreography: SINEQUANON
Costumes: Richard Antony
Lighting: Richard Antony
Music: Sancho 003
10 performances - 3.594 spectators
Vassiliko Theatre (24/11/2010 - 05/12/2010)