Suitable for kids aged between 8 months and 4 years old
Conceived & Directed by: Katerina Karadima
Opening: 18 November 2017 
Every Saturday at 12:00
“It wakes up, plays, hides, blows, throws, turns on, turns off, dresses, dances, drinks, feels sleepy, mum, look!”.

Katerina Karadima directs for the NTNG a show for very young children. “Look!” tells the story of how a baby spends an entire day in the house. It discovers sounds and shadows, hides, appears again and plays with everything that looks like a toy. Feathers fly, balls drop, colours change, water flows and a baby grows, little by little, to become a child. Mum is or isn’t around but, whenever something important happens, the baby needs to share with her the surprise and joy of discovery. “Look!” it cries.

Theatre for very young children is a special kind of theatre that is not widespread in Greece. After a four-year period of observing a baby’s actions and reactions, researching what theatre for very young children is and looking for ways to address a baby, Katerina Karadima has prepared a surprise show for kids aged between 8 months and 4 years old but also for theatre lovers who would like to share this unique theatrical experience.