ORPHANS from Saturday 14 April 2018 at the Foyer of the Society for Macedonian Studies > (11/04/2018)

The work of the award-winning British writer of Irish descent, Dennis Kelly, has already appeared in multiple Greek translations and earned the young playwright a reputation among Greek theatre-goers. His plays and screenplays explore personal responsibility and the social conscience of the individual. In our morally bankrupt contemporary societies, our very existence is often subject to direct and indirect attacks. Could it be that in our efforts to shore up our borders and protect ourselves and our loved once from the Other, we have stopped being victims and become perpetrators instead?

A powerful contemporary work which poses questions and dilemmas relating to violence and racism today.
Free entrance on the 11th &12th of May 2018, during the SKG Bridges Festival.

Translator: Koralia Sotiriadou
Director: Takis Tzamargias
Sets-Costumes: Edouardos Georgiou
Music: Giorgos Christianakis
Assistant Director: Zacharoula Oikonomou
Assistant Set & Costume Designer: Danai Pana
Second Assistant Set & Costume Designer: Thrasyvoulos Kalaitzidis
Production Photography: Tasos Thomoglou
Production Coordinator: Valentini Kalpini
Cast: Christos Diamantoudis (Liam), Eleni Thymiopoulou (Helen), Christos Stylianou (Danny)

Information: National Theatre of Northern Greece | Τ. 2315 200 200