Permanent Costume Exhibition: Traces of the Ephemeral

1. Organizing the "Traces of the ephemeral". Ioulia Stavridou. 2. "Theatrical costumes: From the stage to the display case", Vicky Kertemelidou. 3. "Costume, Theatre, History", Olga Chatziiakovou. 4. "Costumes of an invisible theatre company", Dio Kangelari. 5. Captions.

. Olga Chatziiakovou - Coordination
. Olga Chatziiakovou - Research-Documentation
. Konstantinos Soultanis - Catalogue supervision
. Mihalis Eleftheriou - Translation
. Marietta Panidou - Artistic supervision
. Tasos Thomoglou - Photographer
Publisher: National Theatre of Northern Greece
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