Around The World In 80 Days


Around The World In 80 Days
Vassiliko Theatre, 7/12/2014 & 1/3/2015
Studio: NTNG
. Ada Liakou - Camera operation
. Manos Papadakis - Editing
VideoClip DurationDescription
2'51'' Passepartout starts working for Phileas Fogg.
2'23" Phileas Fogg makes a bet that he can travel around the world in 80 days.
2'20" Inside the train to Paris.
1'39" How to make a crème brûlée.
5 Paris railway station.
2'55" Facing a storm on the way to Mumbai.
2'50" The Mumbai flea market.
2'38" The train to Calcutta.
1'44'' In the indian jungle.
1'40" Getting drunk in China
1'38" Fix, Thrix and sushi.
2'16'' Arrival in New York.