Peter Pan


Peter Pan
Vassiliko Theatre, 8/4/2012
Excerpts from the performance
Studio: NTNG
. Ada Liakou - Camera operation
. Ada Liakou - Editing
VideoClip DurationDescription
2'53'' Angie, Michael, John, Mother, Nana the dog
2'54'' Pirates, Mr Smee, Tap Dancers, Captain Hook
2'58'' Tinker Bell, Bubbles, Bottles, Lost Boys, Tootles, Angie, Peter Pan
2'59" Mr Smee, Pirates, John, Michael, Peter Pan
2'55'' Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Mr Smee, Pirates, Angie, Peter Pan
2'53'' Peter Pan, Angie, Bubbles, Michael, John, Princess Tiger Lily, Tootles, Bottles, Lost Boys