SOCIAL THEATRE SHOP A Solidarity Theatre by the NTNG's actors (28/02/2012)

A Solidarity Theatre by the NTNG's actors

The NTNG continuing its commitment towards a social policy introduces the "Social Theatre Shop" initiative. Actors of the National Theatre of Northern Greece unite against crucial issues, make their own suggestions, stage and perform in cherished works of the international repertoire.

The audience is encouraged to contribute by offering food products with extended shelf life to be delivered to social care institutions, instead of paying for the ticket price. In particular, the NTNG is going to collaborate with the following institutions for the delivery of food products: "The smile of the child", "Greek Children's Village", "Melissa" Institute in Thessaloniki, the Papafeio Institute & the House for the protection of Single Mothers "To Spiti tis Marias".

Within the framework of the "Social Theatre Shop", the NTNG is going to host five productions during March and April in the new HYPEROON STAGE - Society for Macedonian Studies and the Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre. The following actors of the NTNG will direct the performances: Marina Chatziioannou, Giorgos Roufas, Vasilis Spyropoulos, Giannis Tsatsaris, Giorgos Sfiridis & Evelina Papoulia.

Note from the Artistic Director of the NTNG
In dark and unfortunate times, bringing about the unexpected while the wind of history deserts the cities and the human souls, the big challenge for the individual is to balance oneself, to see where he belongs, who he loves and who he stands up against; who he follows.
The worshiped, the hard headed and the speculator are on one side.
On the other side stands the man on his feet in the light coming from the candle of his own ephemeral existence and from the values of humanitarianism and collectiveness. One can chose between the two.
We, the actors of NTNG – and I say "we" claiming the honour to be one of them – we take the iinitiative of the Social Theatre Shop in an effort to build a comforting voice towards our fellow men in need. We make our uncompromised theatre art a tool for this purpose, we play, stage performances, we create sets, costumes and music for texts which have touched us and waken us, for those texts that set our souls on fire. The actors in the NTNG are standing against the easy spoken and "necessary" to the system accusation of being the "idlers in the Public Domain". We put our efforts together with our administrators and technicians to propose an art which is a valued base for building up a new national narrative.
We ask no money for our performances. We ask for the public to contribute with food products with extended shelf life to be offered to Houses which take care of our fellow men. Against the violence of the profit lurking professionals, we set up our ephemeral existence, our availability and caring for one another. May the man be once more the centre of our thought; may the solidarity mend the tissue of society, which is as much hurt as the moral and emotional strength of many people among us.

Within the framework of the "Social Theatre Shop" the following performances will take place during the first period:

1. "THE COLLECTION" by Harold Pinter
Translation: Pavlos Matesis, Director: Marina Chatziioannou, Sets – Costumes: Katerina Papageorgiou, Music supervisor: Michalis Sionas, Assistant to director: Eva Economou – Vamvaka
DISTIBUTION: Giannis Karamfilis, Giannis Kalatzopoulos, Amalia Tatarea, Charis Papadopoulos.

2. "CHATROOM" by Enda Walsh
Translation – Director: Giorgos Roufas, Lighting: Stathis Mitsios, Video: Giannis Peiralis, Stathis Mitsios, Assistant to director: Matina Koulourioti
DISTIBUTION: Thanos Feretzelis, Eva Economou – Vamvaka, Matina Koulourioti, Marianna Avramaki, Charis Papadopoulos, Giannis Karaoulis.

3. "THE ZOO STORY" by Edward Albee
Translation: Penny Fylaktaki, Director: Vasilis Spyropoulos, Giannis Tsatsaris, Sets – Costumes: Kelly Efraimidou, Music: Stepa Stepic, Ligthing: Kelly Efraimidou
DISTIBUTION: Vasilis Spyropoulos, Giannis Tsatsaris.

4. "THE MAIDS" by Jean Genet
Translation: Dimitris Dimitriadis, Direction: Giorgos Sfyridis, Sets – Costumes: Thodoros Daskalakis, Music: Michalis Sionas, Movement: Evanthia Sofronidou
DISTIBUTION: Chrysa Zafeiriadou, Marianna Tantou, Katerina Giamali.

5. "THIRST" by Evelina Papoulia – Mary Caldara
Director: Evelina Papoulia, Mapping – Scenography – Ligthing: Stathis Mitsios
Music: Zand the Band, Choreography – movement: Poly Voikou, Costumes: Eri Lotou
DISTIBUTION: Evelina Papoulia, Apostolis Psychramis, Poly Voikou, Fotis Papatheodorou, Sofia Kalpanidou

Translated by Marianna Kaplatzi