NTNG Winter Arts Workshops (11/11/2022)


NTNG Winter Arts Workshops

An opportunity to explore, learn and have Fun!

For all ages
Free groups
for people with disabilities

Designed by
Eleni Zarafidou - Mariza Tsari

Using theatre as a vehicle, the NTNG’s Winter Artistic Workshops will once again be opening up a world of creativity, expression and imagination to people of all ages across the whole social spectrum.
Our workshops set out to encourage participants to express themselves freely and develop their imaginations. We run classes designed for specific age groups, which introduce them to the codes of theatre, tackle contemporary issues, and stimulate participants to play an active role in society as “engaged citizens” with an interest in the social extensions of the arts.
The content of each workshop is designed and presented in line with the methodology and philosophy of our educational programmes, which centre on the experiential aspect of the educational process and on eliciting material from the participants themselves.


Theatre workshop for people with disabilities (free participation)

A series of weekly theatre workshops for young people (18+) led by actors and members of the “En dynamei Ensemble”, in collaboration with volunteers from the group.
Using structured dialogue, role-play, creative writing, and dance/theatre exercises, we aim to create an original work which will be presented at the end of the workshops.
The workshops are aimed at people with disabilities, friends of the group and people interested in acquainting themselves with the ensemble’s modus operandi.
For more information, you can contact Ms Eleni Dimopoulou on 6948 202 250.


Sensory workshops for infants
Groups for infants aged 18–24 months and 24–36 months

Our infant and preschool workshops set out to expose their young participants to their first attempts at coexisting in a group, at cooperating and at feeling free to experiment. Using non-directive play, with an abundance of sensory materials and stimuli, we create a safe environment for the youngsters to observe, explore and have fun, helping them in the process to gain a more complete sense of self and the world.
Along with the joy of play, discovery and expressing thoughts and emotions, the workshops also seek to cultivate the children’s creativity. This allows stimulating play to develop into something more creative and performative—a workshop which introduces the groups to assigning meaning and their first role-playing games. In turn, the sessions’ sensory play is beneficial in terms of improved visual-motor control, problem solving abilities, fine and gross motor skills, imagination, concentration and self-confidence, symbolic play, and verbal communication.

Exploration and experience workshops
Groups for participants aged 3–4 1/2 and 5–6 1/2

Bring your imagination into play and add new twists and turns to even the best known tales. Based on a tale, a melody, a smell or a colour and guided by theatrical play and sensory education, the workshop’s activities give children the opportunity to cooperate, communicate, think spontaneously, act individually and collectively, and enjoy themselves in a safe environment. The experience helps participants to cultivate their self-confidence, appreciate the importance of teamwork, get to know their bodies and their emotions, observe the world, and express themselves.


Theatre workshops for primary school children
Groups for children in Years 1 to 6

This workshop turns to myths and stories, which participants work on using tools and techniques from educational drama and theatre play. The experience of creating and expressing themselves within the safety of the group provide building blocks leading to self-awareness and social awareness, while interweaving the imaginary and the real.

Theatre workshops for teenagers
Groups for children in Years 7 to 12 (high school and senior high)

Through exercises in communication, concentration, improvisation, direction, creative writing, fiction theatre, documentary theatre and more, teenagers can express themselves, grow more self-aware, and learn to cooperate and work in a group.

Theatre workshops for adults
Groups for people aged 18–25 and 25+

The workshops aim to introduce the participants to the art of acting. Exercises focused on technique and various types of improvisation encourage participants to explore their bodily and vocal awareness, communication and personal expression, while exercising their imaginations and working in a team.

For more information, you can contact Ms Konstantina Matziri, Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 2:00pm on 2315200029.