Theatre Workshops for teenagers at the ARSIS shelter (08/04/2016)

The NTNG at the ARSIS shelter, in Oreokastro Thessaloniki
The National Theatre of Northern Greece participates in the Actions for refugees in Thessaloniki, organised by ARSIS (Association for the Social Support of Youth). In order to offer supportive assistance to children who have arrived unaccompanied in our city the NTNG offers every Thursday (6-8 pm) a creative workshop which includes theatrical and other activities to children accommodated in the ARSIS shelter of Oreokastro.

The ARSIS shelter of Oreokastro hosts a total of thirty children between 13-18 years old, who come from different countries, such as Pakistan, Algeria, Syria, Albania, Iraq, Bangladesh, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran and Morocco.
With this theatre workshop, the actors of the NTNG -overcoming the language barriers- give, the opportunity to children to communicate as a group, be entertained and psychologically discharged from the hardships and the pain they experienced at such a young age.
The actors involved in this NTNG action are: Chryssa Zafeiriadou, Ilectra Kartanou, Giorgos Kafetzopoulos and Anna Manta.