NTNG: a theatre open to new alliances (29/02/2016)

NTNG is working in alliance and cooperation with public authorities and private companies towards a common goal, namely to become a theatre open to possibilities.

With performances, actions, its presence outside the theatre, in schools, libraries, cultural centres, city squares and tours all around Greece, NTNG is trying to make its presence felt everywhere.

The collaboration with the municipality of Neapoli-Sikies contributes to the enhancement of theatrical education by defining a point where education and culture meet together. Tens of thousands of children and young people will watch NTNG performances and this expense will be covered by the municipality.  

An effort to coordinate similar initiatives with other municipalities of the prefecture of Thessaloniki is going on.

The Region of Central Macedonia has hosted NTNG in its pavilion on the occasion of the Philoxenia international tourism fair 2015 and enables NTNG productions to travel abroad and contributing to the development of cultural tourism.  

The Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction (Macedonia &Thrace) embraces the Macedonian-Thrace Unit for the third consecutive year; with its contribution and support, NTNG is touring this theatre season around various cities of Northern Greece with two productions, one of which is for children.

The Russian Consulate General has placed under its auspices performances of works by Russian playwrights and the British Council is supporting the performance of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

The Greek National Tourism Organization (ΕΟΤ) has placed under its auspices important performances travelling all around Greece and has been promoting these performances and helping to inform the public – both Greek and foreign language-speaking.

At the same time, NTNG has won the confidence of the private sector. Private companies recognize and increasingly invest in the NTNG project. Our donators and valued collaborators are very sensitive about art and culture; they helpfully respond and support NTNG performances and actions.

The Hellenic post (ELTA) has been supporting NTNG by providing postal services for the third consecutive year.

INTERLIFE insurance company has been providing us with insurance policies for all buildings and vehicles.  

Olympic Brewery S.A. and the products of FIX HELLAS have been travelling with an NTNG performance all around northern Greece for the second consecutive year. Also for the second consecutive year, the products of FIX HELLAS will be available at the second Forest Theatre Festival, this great NTNG summer feast. 
Particularly sensitive about children and the family, the IKEA company has been supporting NTNG theatre workshops by furnishing the premises with IKEA products.

The NTNG supporters’ Club has enjoyed an increasing membership – more and more people wish to associate themselves with the NTNG artistic project every day.

The NTNG is expressing its gratitude to all those people who align their efforts towards a same vision, regardless of all costs.

In this gigantic project, NTNG is not labouring alone. We are one, we are all together!