• A tribute to mark the bicentenary of the Greek War of Independence

    Andreas Kalvos

    The Unsmiling Offspring of a Many-childrened Goddess

  • Dimitrios K. Vyzantios


    Directed by Takis Chrysikakos

  • Martin McDonagh

    The Pillowman

    Directed by Mary Andreou

  • Yannis Ritsos

    Fourth Dimension

    directed by Polyxeni Spyropoulou

Box office opening hours

Monday - Friday | Details

3rd International Forest Festival

September 10-20

Teaser Video

The Pillowman

“The Pillowman” is a riveting black comedy. In an unspecified totalitarian state, a writer and his mentally retarded brother are interrogated by two policemen when similarities come to light between the writer's dark stories and a series of real-life child murders. A labyrinth of narratives in which illusion and reality, past and present, intersect to form a complex, fascinating and terrifying tale about life, art, politics, society, violence and creativity. More...
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"The Pillowman" by Martin McDonagh, directed by Mary Andreou


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