• Thanasis Papathanasiou, Michalis Reppas

    Anchors Aweigh

    Directed by: Asterios Peltekis

  • Loula Anagnostaki

    To You who are listening to me

    Directed by Christos Theodoridis

  • Giorgos Kapoutzidis

    If you want to break up

    raise your hand

  • Tasoula Eptakoili

    Garis, the musical

    Second year, Directed by: Tasos Pyrgieris

  • Javier de Dios


    Directed by: Themis Theoharoglou

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Tv Spot

Gkaris, the musical

“Garis, the Musical” is the story of a donkey whose ability to fly will draw children into adventures which are as exciting as they are unexpected—given that, where English says “When pigs fly!” for something that isn’t going to happen, Greek says the same of donkeys. Tasoula, a dynamic journalist, is asked to write an article about Superman. But in a fit of creativity and research, she begins to wonder how donkeys got their bad reputation. So she sets out to identify the root of these prejudices, to help us all see these unique and kindly animals with new eyes.  More...
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GKARIS, THE MUSICAL by Tasoula Eptakoili, Royal Theatre | Children's stage