• Grigoris Mitas

    Mr Schitt's nightmare

    A contemporary Greek play that tackles the issue of gender-based violence

  • by Peter Weiss

    Marat / Sade

    directed by Korais Damatis

  • A series of 24 radio broadcasts for children from the NTNG

    A bookshop

    with a difference

  • Martin McDonagh

    The Pillowman

    directed by Mary Andreou

  • Marivaux

    The Second Surprise

    of Love

    Translated & Directed by Vassilis Papavassileiou


    Billy Liar

    by Willis Hall & Keith Waterhouse

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3rd International Forest Festival

September 10-20

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The second surpise of love 

The Marquise is inconsolable after the death of her husband. And when he is rejected by his beloved, the Knight’s life becomes sheer torment. The mutual attraction they feel from their very meeting will turn their lives upside-down, like a bolt from the blue. They will fear what they feel and call it friendship, but the emotion will quickly escape their control and turn into love. At their sides, their two servants drive the plot forward with their playful intrigues and a heavy dose of naivety, forever undoing what they seek to do and making the audience laugh with their spontaneity and the light-heartedness and flexibility their position permits. More...
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“The second surpise of love” by Marivaux, directed by Vassilis Papavassileiou