• The ancient Greek epic poem on the journey of the king of Ithaca, back home after the Trojan War

    ODYSSEY by Homer

    A series of 24 podcasts

  • The new production from the National Theatre of Northern Greece, adapted & directed by Takis Chrysikakos



  • THE SECOND SURPRISE OF LOVE by Marivaux, translated and directed by Vassilis Papavassileiou

    The genesis of love!


  • Two important figures from 18th-century France, Jean Paul Marat and the Marquis de Sade, “meet” on stage in Peter Weiss’s play



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The second surprise of love

The Marquise is inconsolable after the death of her husband. And when he is rejected by his beloved, the Knight’s life becomes sheer torment. The mutual attraction they feel from their very meeting will turn their lives upside-down, like a bolt from the blue. They will fear what they feel and call it friendship, but the emotion will quickly escape their control and turn into love. With his customary subtlety and refinement, Marivaux brings comedy to his portrayal of human passions, penetrating the subtle shades of emotion while presenting a multi-faceted critique of the society of his era. More...
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THE SECOND SURPRISE OF LOVE, translated and directed by Vassilis Papavassileiou, a coproduction of NTNG and Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun