The Godson

The Godson” (O Vaftistikos) by Τheophrastos Sakellaridis
is presented by the students of the NTNG Drama School
at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Wednesday 30 August, at 21:00
In the framework of the collaboration of the National Theatre of Northern Greece with the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the final year students of the NTNG Drama School present the popular operetta “The Godson” (O Vaftistikos) by Τheophrastos Sakellaridis
at the Atrium of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.


The story recounts the numerous misunderstandings caused by Petros Harmidis, enamored with Vivika, who visits her pretending to be her godson, whom she hadn’t seen since her childhood. Harmidis’ wife, Kiki, turns out to be Vivika’s friend and also visits her in order to ask for a favor. Things get complicated when Vivika is caught by her uncle kissing Harmidis and spontaneously introduces him as her husband, while introducing her real husband as her godson. When the real godson turns up, the situation is eventually resolved. Source

Training: Gil Gourdier - Leroy
Music supervision: Gil Gourdier - Leroy
Director: Giannis Rigas
Costumes: Christos Broufas

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (30/08/2017)

Free Entrance