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Join us in travelling “Around the World in 80 days” Register now! (23/04/2014)

Jules Vern's Around the World in 80 days
by the NTNG's Children Stage
How much time is needed for someone to go round the world?
Phileas Fogg places his bets on 80 days...
And the adventure begins.
The National Theatre of Northern Greece is currently in the making of the new Children Stage production for the theatrical season 2014–2015, which is no other than the famous, popular play by Jules Vern Around the World in 80 days,” with the collaboration of its little friends in the audience. A theatre production based on the prototypes of the classic children's literature, that is opening the theatre's doors to artists and children, inviting them to the co-creation of the play, through educational programs, workshops, school visits and many, many surprises on stage. An adventure up against time, through different places and cultures, in which all of us will travel around the world, aiming at accepting difference and multiculturalism.
Premiere: 12 October 2014, Royal (Vassiliko) Theatre
In the context of the making of the performance “Around the World in 80 days,” for the theatrical season 2014-2015, the National Theatre of Nortern Greece is organizing:   
Competition of Theatrical Posters for Schools Around the Country
The competition themed “Around the World in 80 days” addresses to fifth grade elementary students in Greece. The aim of the competition is getting children closer to the concept of collaborative creativity and team up for the creation of a theatrical poster. The nomination of the awarded poster will constitute the main poster for the promotion of the theatre production and its application in banners, print material and advertising in newspapers and the digital media. The participation to the competition is group will be possible in a group and school class level.
Free Summer Children's Workshop for Theatre Education
The workshop includes courses on creative writing, direction, choreography, set and costume design, and it will run in parallel with the rehearsals of the play. The goal of the workshop is for the trainees to familiarize with the process of the creative preperation of the play, and actively contribute in the final result.
Around the World in 80 days – Plot Synopsis
The quirky and mysterious Englishman Phileas Fogg has calculated with mathematical exactitude that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days. For this conviction of his, he is willing to stake his entire property on a bet. However, his journey is full of adventures. Will his naive yet faithful servant, a bunch of dangerous thieves, a fatal acquaintance and a merciless Scotland Yard inspector manage to drag him off his goal? How easy will it be for him to travel by a steamboat, a hot-air baloon, a train, even an elephant, in a universe full of incidents, where nothing is considered unexpected? What is more important for Phileas Fogg in the end? The journey or a bet of honour?
Concept-Adaptation for Theatre: Stelios Hadjiadamidis
Direction: Tatiana Myrkou
Settings-Costumes: Katerina Papageorgiou
Educational Programs Coordination-Choreography: Ioanna Mitsika
Dramaturgy: Chronis Pechlivanidis
Music: Sancho 003
Lyrics: Mara Tsikara
Lighting design: Stella Kaltsou
Video art: Yannis Peiralis, Virginia Rigaki