Press Releases

General Assembly of the Union of Theatres of Europe (11/05/2012)

National Theatre of Northern Greece will host the General Assembly of the Union of Theatres of Europe on Sunday 20th May, 2012 in the new Hyperoon stage of the Society of Macedonian Studies. The meeting will focus on a detailed review of the activities of the Union so far, as well as on the planning of new that will take place in the future.

Coordinates of the Assembly; Ilan Ronen, president of the board of the Union, director and president of Tel Aviv Habimah Theatre, and Ruth Heynen, accredited representative of the Union, actress and theatrologist.

NTNG’s hosting of the General Assembly of the Union of Theatres in Greece and in particular in Thessaloniki marks the rise of international presence and the presentation of the country as well as of the theatre abroad. In today’s turbulent times, it is art that has the power to open roads and create circumstances capable of bringing a constructive discussion and cooperation among people.

Upon completion of the Assembly, all members of the Union will be able to see the performance “We shall depart together” choreographed by sinequanon, which will be given on Sunday 20 May at 21:00, under the Social Theatre Shop.

National Theatre of Northern Greece is a member of the Union of Theatres of Europe since 1996. At the board meeting of the Union that took place in Rome on January 7, 2012, NTNG was designated, through its artistic director Sotiris Hatzakis, responsible of the relationships and activities of the Union with theatres of the Southeast Europe.

NTNG has taken part in many activities of the Union as well as European co-productions and has organized two U.T.E festivals in Thessaloniki, in 1997 and 2001. Performances of NTNG were included in five U.T.E festivals and through its European orientation, the theatre has presented more than 36 productions signed by some of the most important artists of the European theatre. NTNG takes part in all activities of the Union in order to enhance the bonds with theatres abroad, something that also enhances the dynamic of the theatre within Greece.

The Union of the Theatres of Europe (Union des Théâtres de l’ Europe / Union of the Theatres of Europe) is a theatre alliance established in 1990 by Giorgio Strehler and enjoys the support of the former Minister of Culture of France, Jack Lang. Its members include Ingmar Bergman, Heiner Müller, Jacque Lecoq. The Union of Theatres of Europe aims to contribute to the European integration through civilization and especially through theatre, to develop a collective European policy around theatre that breaks through language barriers, to promote cultural interaction and to support the idea of ‘art theatre ’ as means of meeting and understanding for everyone.

The Union of Theatres of Europe actively supports co-productions, co-operations, theatre exchanges and shared experience, with respect to different cultural identities and traditions. It was originally founded by seven of the most established public European theatres, while today includes 17 of the most respected theatre organizations of Europe. Its members include some of the most acknowledged personalities in theatre, like Georges Banu, writer- professor of theatre studies of the U.T.E, André Wilms, famous actor and director, Silviu Purcarete, theatre and opera director.

Within the previous year, the Union has presented two significant programmes; "Liquid Frontiers" with five theatres taking part, among which NTNG – the opening of the programme took place in Paris, centre MC93 Bobigny, February 2012, and "Emergency Entrance" with five theatres taking part – the opening of the programme took place in Austria, Shauspielhaus Graz, January 2012.