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PETER PAN: NTNG Children’s Theatre at Vassiliko Theatre (04/03/2012)

National Theatre of Northern Greece presents the performance Peter Pan based on the play of James Matthew Barrie, directed by Giannis Kalatzopoulos. Children’s Theatre will present the play in Vassiliko Theatre starting from Sunday 4 March 2012.


-How did Peter Pan learn to fly?
- What is going on in Never Land?
-Do fairies have problems?
- Why did Captain Hook become a pirate?
-What is true and what is false?

Peter Pan, the boy who didn’t want to age, takes us to Never Land where pirates, fairies, mermaids and Indians live, all fighting the eternal battle with the tic-tac of the crocodile! It is a breathtaking adventure that captures the dreams of children around the world and opens up their imagination. A magical performance you can’t miss, even you who refuse to age!

“Inside land”

Hearing that NTNG wants me to adapt the play of Peter Pan, I was enthusiastic. I read the original Barrie’s work once more, I once again saw all movies (cartoons as well as the ones with human actors), I went through comic books, I recalled in my memory everything I have ever seen, heard, or thought of this little fellow that refused to age, I spoke to educators and psychologists and I was then ready to start.

I started writing and rewriting…nothing! Peter, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Wendy (in my play called Angie) and her siblings appeared only for a few seconds at my laptop only to mock me and disappeared again, before I could catch them and put them in my play.

Soon I got upset. I couldn’t sleep for several nights. My mind was off flying in Never Land. At times, I felt my head heavy, but as soon as I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, a horrible tic-tac came into my mind and made me scream:
-The crocodile!

Of course, it was no crocodile, just my table clock, but how could I sleep again after this adventure. So one day, I took my decision: I would leave. I will go myself to Never Land to see the lost children and the pirates. I didn’t think twice. I left my coffee on the table and run to wash up and prepare my things; I would pack only those I needed. And then… who is this? I couldn’t see myself in the mirror. That was not me. That was… could it be possible? Yes, it was Peter Pan, smiling to … Oh No! It was Captain Hook coming towards me with his cozy roughness and… Oh it was Peter Pan again, where did Hook go?

And so my journey began. Not in Never Land this time, but in an equally unknown and magical land, the Inside Land. And so the performance was here.

Happy journey to you, too, my little and older friends who refuse to age.

Giannis Kalatzopoulos

Opening: Sunday 4/03/2012
Tuesday - Friday: 10.30 (schools only), Sunday 11:00 (for the audience)

General Admission : Sundays 10 €, School Ticket Price: Tuesday – Friday 7 €

Adaptation- Direction: Giannis Kalatzopoulos
Sets-Costumes:Katerina Papageorgiou
Music: George Kazantzis
Choreography: Katerina Andriopoulou
Video: Giannis Peiralis
Music Instruction: Nikos Voudouris
Lighting: Tasos Dailidis
Production: Rodi Stefanidou

Cast in alphabetical order: Loukia Vasiliou (Michalakis/Mermaid), Thanasis Dislis (Little dog Nana / Bubbles), Giannis Kalatzopoulos (Captain Hook), Eva Oikonomou-Vamvaka (Tinkerbell) Ioanna Pagiataki (Mother/Bottles), Christos Stilianou, (pirate), Marianna Tantou (Princess Tiger Lilly/ Mermaid), Giannis Tsatsaris (mrs Smee), Giannis Tsiakmakis (Giannis), Anny Tsolakidou (Tootles), Thanos Feretzelis (Peter Pan), Marina Chatziioannou (Angie).

Also appear: Nikos Kousoulis, Mara Malgarinou, Maria Mpountouka, Katerina Papaioannou, Nikos Tsoleridis, Polikarpos Filippidis

Advance booking:
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Ticket Office Hours
Vassiliko Theatre (White Tower sq.): Tuesday – Sunday: 9.30 a.m. -9.30 p.m.
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (2 Ethnikis Aminis str.): Tuesday-Sunday: 9.30 a.m.-1.30 p.m. & 5.30 p.m.-9.30 p.m.
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Concert Hall Box Office at Aristotelous sq. (advance booking only): Monday, Wednesday, Saturday: 10:00a.m.–3.30 p.m., Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. & 5.30 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

Reservations: 2315 200200

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