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CLOSER at the Foyer of the Society for Macedonian Studies (17/12/2018)

DATES: 24/01/2019-07/04/2019
DAYS & TIMES: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 21:15
RUNNING TIME: 100 min (no interval)
TICKET SALES: NTNG Box Offices (Τ. 2315 200 200)
Suitable for ages 17+

The play “Closer” by Patrick Marber was put on for the first time on 22 May 1997, at the National Theatre in London. It was a huge success and won the most important English awards, such as the Laurence Olivier Award in 1998, the Tony Award in 1999, etc. It was made into a movie by Mike Nichols in 2004, based on a screenplay by Patrick Marber.
Director’s Note
This is a tough English comedy –in the mood of David Mamet, but in the way of Harold Pinter– that processes some of the most rare and impenetrable minerals of love. With the lively pulse of a set game, in twelve images, four people –two women and two men– become involved in a complicated and relentless love situation, using their first and last encounters like pawns.
A work of fiction, without pseudo-romantic clichés, which bravely attacks the stability of our perception and directly challenges the health of absolute truth in love relationships.

Perhaps because love does not only mean suffering or causing suffering to someone. But it is also a new attempt –defeated from the beginning– to come back to this life on our own responsibility.
Translation: Thomas Moschopoulos
Direction: Petros Zivanos
Sets-Costumes: Lila Karakosta
Music: Kostas Vomvolos
Movement: Ioanna Mitsika
Lighting: Dimitra Aloutzanidou
Video Art: Giorgos Flengas
Assistant Director: Katerina Bolmati
Assistant Set-Costume Designer: Elina Eftaxia
Production Photography: Tasos Thomoglou
Production Coordinators: Athanasia Androni, Marina Kolokouri

CAST in alphabetical order
Νatassa Daliaka: Anna
Lambros Ktenavos: Dan
Erietta Manouri: Alice
Vasilis Papageorgiou: Larry