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The NTNG hosts “ISO Theatre” of the Union of Theatres of Europe > (22/08/2017)

The National Theatre of Northern Greece hosts the workshop of the multinational group of young artistsISO Theatre” of the Union of Theatres of Europe from 23 to 30 August 2017.

The International Theatre Objective (ISO Theatre) is a collective of young theatre artists who experiment on the concept of European Identity - what being European means today.

These artists are called upon to collaborate, overcoming their cultural and linguistic differences, and to find a code of artistic communication and expression.

The workshop will deal with and present texts by authors who participated in the “Harbour 40” programme of the Union of Theatres of Europe. The “harbour” was the common place of action for the texts that four playwrights from different countries were asked to write.

The actors and the playwrights will work on these texts and the result of their work will be presented at an open rehearsal on 30 August at the Society for Macedonian Studies.

The actors of ISO
Puto Luis (Portugal)
Klon Beni (Germany)
Alabozova Petya (Bulgaria, Germany)
Georgieva Bilyana (Bulgaria)
Krastev Boris (Bulgaria)
Zaini Angélique (France)
Lewisch Sophie (France)
Menjou Vincent (France)
Ebraheem Khawla (Israel / Palestine)
Katsiki Aigli (Greece - NTNG)

The playwrights of ISO
Angeliki Darlasi (Greece - National Theatre)
Scarpetti Roberto (Italy)
Ivanov Stefan (Bulgaria)

Kondoyanni Amalia (NTNG)