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The 2nd Big Day for this theatre season: a tribute to GEORGES FEYDEAU Sunday 12/02/2016 Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (03/02/2017)

The 2nd Big Day for this theatre season: a tribute to Georges Feydeau
Sunday 12/02/2016
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies
The 2nd Big Day for this theatre season, a tribute to Georges Feydeau, the great French playwright, will be held on Sunday 12 February at the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies.
The surreal comedy of the belle epoque A Flea in her Ear, directed by Yannis Anastasakis, is presented successfully at Vasilliko Theatre.
NTNG’s Big Day – Feydeau gives you the opportunity to get to know the work and personality of the “master of farce”, through interesting events, discussions and workshops.



Big Day – Feydeau PROGRAMME

Οh mondieu! Who lied to the tailor?”: Theatre workshop based on Feydeau’s play Tailleur pour dames
For teachers
Dimitris Sporidis / theatre educator, director
Start Time: 11.30
Duration: 3 hours
Up to 20 participants (registration required)

“If I were You and You were Me”: Music-Movement-Theatre workshop
For children 5-8 years old
Maria Chatziangelidou / theatre educator
Start Time: 12.00
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Up to 15 participants (registration required)

“Dialogue with our surreal side”: Theatre Workshop that aims to trigger the fantasy of the participants
For persons 15-105 years old, with or without previous theatre experience
Animator: Polyxeni Spyropoulou / actress
Assistant: Antonis Michalopoulos / actor
Start Time: 12.00
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Up to 20 participants (registration required)


“Looking for Feydeau”: Students of Ampelokipi Art High School draw, inspired by the NTNG production A Flea in her Ear, directed by Yannis Anastasakis
Animator: Christiana Iliopoulou Hopirtean / visual artist
Start Time: 13.45
Duration: 45 minutes

La Puce à l’oreille: oùquiproquo rime avec Feydeau!”: Students of Kalamari Greek-French High School present three scenes of Feydeau’s play A Flea in her Ear
Adapted & Directed by: Savvas Giagtzoglou / language teacher
French instruction: Stella Mataftsi / teacher of French
Start Time: 14.30
Duration: 35 minutes


The Students of the NTNG Drama School present: “The Torture of Infidelity”, a theatre event based on plays by Feydeau and his contemporaries

Directed by: Yannis Rigas / actor and director, NTNG Drama School Director
Start Time: 15.00
Duration: 40 minutes

Lecture Feydeau’s Paris in Photography: 19th century Paris in photographs by Nadar, Eugène Atget, Jacques-Henri Lartigue etc.”
Maria Kokorotskou / museologist, theatre educator, Head of the Educational Programmes at Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
Start Time: 15.30
Duration: 15 minutes


Round Table Discussion: “Appearances are deceptive”

Yannis Anastasakis, director, actor, philologist, NTNG Artistic Director
Savas Patsalidis, theatre critic, Professor at:  AUTH School of English, Open University, NTNG Drama School, MA Programme of the Department of Drama (AUTH)
Ioulia Pipinia, Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies at the Department of Drama (AUTH)
Kostas Santas, actor
Taxiarhis Hanos, actor
Start Time: 15.45
Duration: 1 hour

Big Day-Feydeau is realized with the support of: School of Drama, Faculty of Fine Arts (AUTH), NTNG Drama School, Kalamari Greek-French High School, Ampelokipi Art High School.
Organized by: Eva Koumandraki and Konstantina Matziri
Free entrance to all events.
For registration, please contact NTNG’s Literary Office, tel. 2315.200.029 (Tuesday, Wednesday  and Friday 09.30–13.30).