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5th BIG DAY - Tribute to Giorgos Sevastikoglou (08/04/2016)

This year’s Big Days conclude with a tribute to Giorgos Sevastikoglou, on Sunday, the 17th of April 2016, at the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies. D01312v01
Adding one more BIG DAY this year, the NTNG wants to honour this way the great Greek playwright, stage director and translator.

Angela” by Giorgos Sevastikoglou, one of the most important plays of the modern greek dramaturgy, directed by Giorgos Paloubis, is presented successfully at the Lazaristes Monastery - Socratis Karantinos Stage until Palm Sunday (24/4/16).

Dramaturgs, academics, musicians participate in the 5th Big Day of the NTNG. Moreover, Alki Zei, the distinguished author and wife of Giorgos Sevastikoglou and  Nikiforos Papandreou,  Professor Emeritus at the School of Drama of AUTH and Sevastikoglou’s friend are invited; they will share memories and reveal hidden faces of the author’ s life and work.  
  • Musical meeting with the Trio Mare band
The music band Trio Mare shall play favourite greek rebetiko and folk songs

Start Time: 11.00
Duration: 30 minutes
Katerina Toumanidou/percussion-vocals, Lazaroula Tsernou/violin-vocals, Dimitris Kritsinis/guitar-vocals
  • "A long walk": Play for children
An educational drama through which children will get into the role of Mariam and through improvisation are called to solve a riddle, maybe only a child could solve…

Start Time: 12.00
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Maria Chatziangelidou /theatre educator, Mara Bacha / theatre educator
Up to 15 participants (registration required)
  • “Mission Box” by Aris Alexandrou
The students of the Drama School of the NTNG present, in theatrical lectern form, “Mission Box’s” final chapter.
Third year Students of the Drama School of the NTNG

Start Time: 11.30
Duration: 1 hour
  • Giorgos Sevastikoglou through the eyes of Alki Zei and Nikiforos Papandreou
Giorgos Sevastikoglou’s wife and friend discuss, awaken memories and reveal hidden faces of the author’s life and work. The painter Nikos Vavatsis prepares a surprise!

Start Time: 12.30
Duration: 1 ώρα
Big Day Sevastikoglou is realized with the support of:  School of Drama-Faculty of Fine Arts AUTH, Drama School of the NTNG and Metaixmio Editions.

Free entrance to all events.

For registration, please contact NTNG’s Literary Office, tel. 2315200029 Tuesday-Friday 10.00–15.00 (Mrs Konstantina Matziri).