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On Sunday, March 6th, the 4th Big Day: a tribute to Georg Büchner (02/03/2016)

The NTNG’s “Big Days” continues with the day-long tribute to the groundbreaker, German playwright Georg Büchner, on Sunday March 6th, 2016, at the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies. During the “Big days”, the NTNG organises a series of events aiming at “introducing” to the public important playwrights of the world’s drama repertoire, whose plays are currently staged at NTNG’s venues.

Woyzeck” by Georg Büchner is a milestone play in the German theatre which, although written in 1836, influenced the theatrical landscape of the 20th century in such a way that very few have. The play is successfully staged at the Vassiliko Theatre in a new translation by Antonis Galeos, direction by Stavros Tsakiris, sets and costumes by the visual artist Alexandros Psyhoulis, music by Minos Matsas and dramaturgical advising by Louisa Arkoumanea.

Theatre educators, directors, actors and actresses, and members of the academic and the educational community participate in the NTNG’s 4th Big Day, with workshops, dance therapy seminars, music and movement drama events, screenings of films and interesting drama readings as well as debates, sharing the common goal to get the public better acquainted with Georg Büchner.

  • “A retrospect in the life of Georg Büchner (era-life-work)”
Special tribute to Woyzeck’s leitmotif in art.
Start time: 10.00
Duration: 1 h and 30 min
Presentation: Christina Markoudi, teacher, PhD candidate at the School of German Language and Literature AUTH
Consultant/Research: Lambrina Vetsopoulou, Greek language teacher at the School of Political Sciences
  • A workshop based on Büchner’s works which leads to a performance entitled “Sketching on Georg Büchner” by the group Mprikia Kollame
The primary objective of the seminar is the participants’ familiarizing with the concepts of Georg Büchner, as these are expressed in his works, through a first acquaintance with Büchner’s writings, in both theory and practice. The participants will acquire both a general knowledge and the basic qualifications that promote theatrical thinking on contemporary texts, in general, and also on Woyzeck, a milestone work in the world’s dramaturgy, in particular. After two hours of theoretical lecture, the chief goal of the seminar will be set, that is, a workshop performance during which, the participants will have the chance to apply the theory and practice previously taught.

Start time: 10.00
Duration: 4 hours
Nikolina Galliou, Director/ Dramaturg
Vicky Fragoudi, Actress
Up to 20 participants (registration required)
  • Thematic Comics Workshop “Oppression: An approach through comics”

In the first part of the seminar, a presentation of selected comic stories, in which their creators have worked on the subject of oppression, will take place.
In the second part, there will be a simulation of the script writing process, the shaping of the personality and the designing of certain characters of a story as well as a thumbnail sketch of the surrounding environment in which the characters will engage in action.
Start time: 10:30
Duration: 3 hours
Kostas Aronis, architect, set designer, sketch artist, painter and teacher

Up to 15 participants (registration required)
  • Dance therapy workshop “Faces and masks in everyday life” based on Büchner’s story “Leonce and Lena”
The participants will have the opportunity to look into the role-playing they engage in, in their everyday life as well as to seek for and experiment on new identifications. Both dance expression and mask design activities will be deployed.
Start time: 11.00
Duration: 2 hours
Chrysanthi Kolyva, Psycologist/group animator/head of the programme for the free dance and artistic expression “Painting Dance”
Up to 15 participants (registration required)
  • Music and movement theatrical happening “A lord not like the others”
Can a flaw determine the life of a lord? How different is he from the others? Along with Georg Büchner’s heroes and with reference to his life, kids play theatre using their imagination and their feelings. Through the different heroes that they incarnate, they are asked to act like a team so as to give their own end to the story!

Start time: 11.30
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes

Mara Bacha, theatre educator
Up to 10 participants (registration required)
  • “Georg Büchner on screen”
Thessaloniki Film Museum-Film Archive invites you to know Werner Herzog’s movie Woyzeck (1979)

Start time: 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00
Duration: 1 hour and 42 minutes

Selection-Composition: Deladaki Eirini, Archeologist, Museum Educator.
Papasotiri Maria, Director of Educational Programmes Film Museum. Raptopoulos Yiorgos, IT Applications Specialist in cooperation with Film Museum-Film Archive of Thessaloniki
  •  “Woyzeck in German class”
Ideas kai proposals for the tuition of a literary passage in secondary school.
Start time: 12.00
Duration: 1 hour
Proponent: Christina Markoudi, teacher, PhD applicant at the AUTH School of German Language and Literature
Up to 15 participants (registration required)
  • Presentation: Drawing for G. Büchner
Presentation of the workshop from Mprikia Kollame team and participants.
Start time: 14.00
Duration: 15 minutes
  • Short film presentation from students of School of Cinema, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
On the occasion of the oppression that Woyzeck experiences, Büchner’s famous hero in the titular play, students from the School of Cinema present short films that they have created about oppression.
Start time: 13.30, 14.00, 14.30, 15.00, 15.30
Duration: 15 minutes
  • Round table: “Actors speak: Woyzeck today”
Actors: Anna Efthimiou, Yiorgos Kolovos, Christos Papadimitriou, Christos Stilianou, Yiannis Tsatsaris, Konstantinos Chatzisavvas
Coordinator: Amalia Kondoyanni, dramaturg
Start time: 14.30
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • “Leonce and Lena”
Drama School of NTNG students present by the way of cold reading, passages/ scenes from Georg Büchner’s play, Leonce and Lena.
NTNG Drama School students
Start time: 16.00
Duration: 20 minutes
  • Round table: “From social oppression to crime” 
Yiorgos Alisanoglou, editor
Thomas Velissaris, actor
Kleanthis Grivas, psychiatrist, writer
Theodoros Karagiannidis, Director of Second Chance School at Diavata Prison
Coordinator: Savvas Patsalidis, theatre critic, Professor at the School of Film Studies of AUTH, at the Open University, at NTNG’s Drama School and  frequent lecturer in the postgraduate programme of the School of Drama, AUTH.

Start time: 16.30
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
“Big Day Büchner” is realized with the support of the School of Film Studies of the Faculty of Fine Arts of AUTH, the Drama School of the NTNG, the School of German Language and Literature of AUTH, Thessaloniki Film Museum and Protoporia Bookstore.

To register, please contact NTNG Literary Office, tel. 2315200029 Tuesday-Friday 10.00–15.00 (Mrs. Konstantina Matziri).

Free entrance.