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SOTIRIA IS MY NAME Selected Press (22/02/2016)

Sotiria is my name
Selected Press

A sculpted performance and a memorable interpretation.
Savvas Patsalidis,, 29/01/2016
What takes place on the stage of the theatre in the 80 minutes of the performance’s duration is communion, that is, mental meeting, contact, communication. It is a journey-gift in the years of rebetiko, Tsitsanis, Greece of refugees, German occupation, outlaws, poverty, basements, prisons, prohibitions, inconsolable generations but also the dawn of modernization, via the delusions of an emblematic singer - symbol of independence and passion. [...] Efi Stamouli is great. She nails us down. She moves us and teaches us quality, ethics, art. [...] Do not miss this production.
Pavlos Lemontzis, Κ-typos, 11/01/2016

A truly great actor, among the top of her generation. We see her perhaps in the most important role of her career so far! If one compares this with the other actresses who played the same role, but also with the major roles Stamouli herself has played, one understands the gravity of the critique. [...] She is truly a “myth” that acquires flesh and blood in front of our eyes and then goes back, brilliant, to the world of the invisible.
Grigoris Ioannidis, “Efimerida ton Syntakton”, 04/01/2016
The director, Christina Chatzivasileiou, proves her talent, once again. (...) You should go. With airplanes and steamers. You should go.
Niki Zervou,
We are fortunate to have Efi Stamouli in this city. We are fortunate that Athens didn’t win her as dozens of other talented actors. She stayed here and proved that an actor does not need the spotlight of big theatres to shine. In a city that skimps good words some people do not skimp talent. Visit the Lazaristes Monastery and you will remember me.
Giorgos Toulas,, 21/12/2015
The show finished and I wanted more. When a spectator leaves with such a sense from a performance, that means that it is a true success.
Efi Tsampazi,, 20/02/2016