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The 1st Big Day for this year draws near: a tribute to Anton Chekhov (09/11/2015)

Big Day: a tribute to Anton Chekhov
“Chekhov through the eyes of the director”
SUNDAY 15/11/2015
Due to the participation of the people for two consecutive years Big Days have been established. Seeing that all family members attended these free Big Days, dedicated to authors and organised by NTNG, the organisers raised the bar higher and drew up an extremely experiential programme this year for the first theatrical Big Day-Tribute to Anton Chekhov!
The dance and artistic expression workshop, the great constructions with magic nuudles for theatre’s younger friends (for 2 year-olds and older children), the seminars on Chekhov’s life, the movement and music theatrical events, the lectures combined with the round table on “Chekhov through the eyes of the director” are among the surprises of the programme on Sunday, 15 November at the Society for Macedonian Studies.


  • “My siblings and I: An... endless play!!”, for children aged 6-10
Dance and artistic expression workshop for children to process the emotional issues connected with the relationships between siblings.
Start time: 10.00
Duration: 2 hours
Chrysanthi Kolyva, Psychologist/group animator /head of the program for free dancing and artistic expression "Painting Dance"
Up to 10 persons (registration required)
  • When the Magic Nuudles met the “SEAGULL”, for children aged 2-5 with their parents
With the colourful baby corns Magic Nuudles we will create a seagull and Chekhov’s name through this creative task. Impressive constructions at tender moments with our children… parents participate too.
Start time: 11.00
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Katerina Malisova, Magic Nuudles representative/owner of the e-shop 
  • “The timeless Mr. Chekhov: a 5-hour workshop by the group Mprikia Kollame” for amateur actors and adults
Firstly, the seminar aims to familiarize the participants with the basic works of Anton Chekhov, through a first contact with the author’s works on a theoretical and a practical level. After two hours of theoretical teaching, the basic goal of the seminar follows, which is a workshop performance, where the participants will have the chance to apply the theoretical and practical aspects they were taught.
Start time: 11.30
Duration: 5 hours
Nikolina Gkalliou, director/dramaturg
Vicky Fragkoudi, actress
Up to 20 persons (registration required) 
  • Movement and music theatrical event “We play theatre by learning Chekhov” for children aged 5-8
Anton Chekhov introduced a new kind of dramaturgy, whereby each character is a central hero. The children use their knowledge, body, spirit and soul, explore space and time and create their own play. An actor, an idea or text, a space defined as the stage and a spectator suffice to create our own little play...  
Start time: 12.00
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Maria Chatziangelidou, theatre educator
Mara Bacha, theatre educator
Up to 15 persons (registration required)
  • Psychodrama, “Relationships according to Chekhov”, for adults
The relationships forged between people comprise a valuable part of their life as they lend it meaning. The way we connect to other people mirrors ourselves. Through this psychodramatic meeting the participants have the chance to explore their relationship with the “important other” and discover new ways to enhance and strengthen it.
Start time: 12.00
Duration: 3 hours
Foteini Papaharalampous, Psychologist
Up to 15 maximum (registration required) 
  • Lecture: “Time in Chekhov’s plays”
The Alumni of the School of Drama, of the Faculty of Fine Arts, AUTH present the lecture “Time in Chekhov’s Plays: Corrosive and Inescapable.” Three texts by three graduates intersect and wander in the time of Chekhov’s plays. The author narrates within his works –in a way not easily noticeable at first glance– the human journey through time and his incessant struggle with it.
Texts: Anastasia Antoniadou, Dimitra Tzika – Mpeka and Vicky Fragkoudi
Coordination: Leda Agorastou
Start time: 13.30
Duration: 20 minutes
  • “Anton Pavlovich Chekhov – an anti-depressant”, for teachers and adults
A brief reference to the life and works of Chekhov. We will try to answer the question: Why does Chekhov remain modern for 100 years? Why should we keep reading him today?
Start time: 14.00
Duration: 45 minutes
Dimitris Fotiadis, PhD. in Russian Philology (specialized in the Russian literature of the Silver Age)/Russian teacher at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Round table: “Chekhov through the eyes of the director”
Petros Zivanos, actor, director, founding member of the Centre for Theatrical Research, Thessaloniki
Glykeria Kalaitzi, director, lecturer at the School of Drama, AUTH
Giannis Rigas, director, director of NTNG Drama School
Christina Chatzivasileiou, director, PhD. School of Drama, AUTH
Start time: 15.00
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes 
  • “The timeless Mr. Chekhov”
Workshop presented by the group Mprikia Kollame and the participants.
Start time: 16.30
Duration: 20 minutes
  • “Cinematic pot-pourri-Chekhov”
Thessaloniki Film Museum presents parts of some of the most important movies related to the great Russian author Anton Chekhov.
Delidaki Eirini, archaeologist, museum-educator
Papasotiri Maria, Head of Educational Programmes – Thessaloniki Film Museum
Raptopoulos Giorgos, IT Applications Specialist in cooperation with Thessaloniki Film Museum
BIG DAY Chekhov takes place under the auspices of the Russian Consulate General in Thessaloniki.
“Big Day-Chekhov” is realized with the support of the following cultural institutions in the city: School of Drama, Faculty of Fine Arts, AUTH, Thessaloniki Film Museum and Protoporia Bookstore.
Free entrance to all events.
To register, please contact NTNG Literary Office, tel.:+30 2315200029 - Tuesday-Saturday 10.00–15.00 (Mrs. Konstantina Matziri).