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STREET STORIES FOR WEIRD ROMANTICS every Tuesday on the Radio Station of Macedonia (ERT3) (12/10/2015)

“Street stories for weird romantics*”, is an NTNG radio show simultaneously broadcasted on 102 & 9,58 FM channels of the Radio Station of Macedonia - ERT3.
Mara Tsikara and Stelios Hatziadamidis play the roles of radio narrators/producers in the NTNG Youth stage performance “Romeo and Juliet… on the road” – staged at the Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, for schools on weekdays and for the general public on Sundays at 11 a.m.  
They keep playing the same roles when speaking on the Radio Station of Macedonia - ERT3 microphone. The actors will introduce, in a way of their own, the NTNG theatrical productions to the listeners.  

Referencing a different performance each time, they will create a universe of music and speech, and invite the play’s characters on the radio.  But they themselves will not be doing this as actors. Other actors will be invited to impersonate the roles. They will escape from the stage for each show, in order to share choices of music and thoughts that go far beyond the script.
“Street stories for weird romantics*”
A NTNG radio show on the Radio Station of Macedonia - ERT3 (102 FM & 9,58 FM).
Launch: Tuesday 20 October
Every Tuesday 7-8 p.m.  
Curator: Giannis Tsolakidis
*weird romantics: all those people who “schedule by night non-scheduled train trips for those who are late” (Tasos Leivaditis).