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FOR ALL THE CHILDREN ON THIS EARTH. Educational Program 2014-2015 (16/10/2014)

The National Theatre of Northern Greece, proceeding in its educational strategy for the school year 2014–2015 presents a dramatized version of the Educational Program For all the children of this Earth which has Hans Christian Andersen’s short story “The Little Match Girl” as its starting point (concept-direction by Nikos Voudouris). A journey of self-discovery and hope that deals with poverty, destitution and the problems of the kids around the Universe as these difficult times pass by.
Programme Starting Date: November 6, 2014
Duration: 45’
The educational program is presented at schools for free.

Synopsis of the play:
Six rich friends that haven’t met for quite a long time decide to meet on New Year’s Eve at someone’s place from the gang.
In the jolly atmosphere of the evening, on the exact opposite side of them, outside of the big glass window on the ground floor of the house, stands the little match girl.
So right there, before their eyes, the whole story of the tormented kid and her struggle for survival takes place.
When the guests realize what’s happening, the laughter and the songs are abruptly interrupted...
Will that event influence their lives and to what extend?
The plays-performances will take place in the schools’ classrooms, without the necessity to readjust the classroom setting, and they address to 5th and 6th grade students of Primary School and to 1st and 2nd year junior high students.
Concept-Direction: Nikos Voudouris
Text adaptation: Nikos Voudouris
Text Editing: Maria Karamitri
Assistant Director: Grigoris Tildis
Crew: Vassilis Issopoulos, Irini Kazakou, Pantelis Kalpakoglou, Maria Karamitri, Lefteris Litharis, Despina Saroglou
Production manager and presentation coordination: Athanassia Androni
The dialogues and a large number of the play’s texts were written by the actors: Vassilis Issopoulos, Irini Kazakou, Pantelis Kalpakoglou, Maria Karamitri, Lefteris Litharis, Despina Saroglou.
The passage about the little Ayiyobaba was written by Bambis Matentzidis.
The passage on the little Samurai was written by Grigoris Tildis.
Information-reservation (from Tuesday to Friday, 12:30-14:30: +30 2315 200 075, [email protected] (Athanassia Androni)

Due to large attendance, the educational program will make one visit per school, at schools that are included in the built environment of the prefecture of Thessaloniki, in order to achieve the highest possible number of school visits. Additionally, the implementation of the program will give priority to schools which the NTNG didn’t have the opportunity to visit in the past. The number of presentations at each school equates to three instructional hours per school grade.