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ANIMAL FARM at the Youth Stage of NTNG (16/09/2014)

The National Theatre of Northern Greece is presenting the sublime and widely-read political allegory by George Orwell "Animal Farm", directed by Nikos Armaos, at the Youth Stage of Lazaristes Monastery, opening on the 19th of October.
The stage adaptation of the well-known novel by the visionary man George Orwell, "Animal Farm", constitutes a great opportunity for all of us, younger and older spectators as well, to get acquainted with this exceptional piece of literature, which doesn't target to entertain alone, but along with its messages, which are proved to be diachronic and almost prophetic, it helps us to have a better comprehension on the dark ages that we are currently living into. Since this bright fairy story, which has substantially been a great influence on the thinking of the contemporary western civilization, nowadays has been more well-timed than ever.
It concerns of a study on power and greed. It is a political allegory which through the mocking spirit, as well as, the critical eye of the author it castigates totalitarianism, the absurd power that enforces through compulsion and repression.
Plot summary
Inside a farm the animals, with the pigs as prime movers, rebel against the repressive power of man -their master, they overthrow them and take on leadership, since they are the most intelligent animals of the farm, and under the leading of the braver between them, their revolution initiates within a spirit of enthusiasm and optimism toward the new state of things which forebodes a better future for all the wronged ones... Soon though, the same old story repeats itself and their hopes are proved to be in vain, since the new leadership has got the same features and even worse than the previous one. How can this be, from the part of the oppressed to emerge even more imperious tyrants? How can this be and the dream turns into a nightmare?
Direction: Nikos Armaos
Sets: Lila Karakosta
Costumes: Olympia Sideridou
Music: Platon Andritsakis
Assistant Director: Dionysis Karathanassis
Line Producer: Petros Kokozis
Stellina Voyiatzi
Thanassis Dislis
Giannis Karamfilis
Christos Mastrogiannidis
Dimitris Papiopoulos
Dimitris Siakaras
Polyxeni Spyropoulou
Kiki Strataki
Eva Sofronidou
Giannis Tsatsaris