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People’s Theatre: Trombone (13/01/2012)

From: Friday 20 January 2012
Moni Lazariston
People’s TheatreSocratis Karantinos Stage, at 9:00 p.m.

National Theatre of Northern Greece presents Marios Pontikas’ performance “Trombone”, directed by Dimitris Sakatzis, at Socratis Karantinos Stage of Moni Lazariston. The performances will start on Friday 20 January 2012 and will be presented in Thessaloniki for a limited time only. A two month tour in many cities of northern Greece will follow in the beginning of March by Macedonia Thrace Group.

NTNG activates Macedonia Thrace Group this year as well. The institution was re-established during the winter season of 2010 with the goal to present quality theatrical plays in regions where people find it difficult to attend a theatrical performance.

NTNG asks the General Secretariat of Macedonia and Thrace, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, companies and sponsors of northern Greece to support Macedonia Thrace Group by contributing to its presence in the crucial regions where it appears.

Pelopidas, who is the “best trombone” at a regional band, Eftihia, who is dreaming of a greater life in the capital, two men who adore “music and laughter”, and a fortune teller. They all swirl at the rhythm of a band that plays nonstop.

“Trombone”, a landmark play, current than ever before, demonstrates with the most appropriate, tragicomic, and apt way a revealing portrait of Greeks today, in socially crucial moments.

A Note from the Writer
«Don’t be afraid… Finally the law is implemented, the order»

These are the last words of the play, said by a representative of the police. The play was presented for the first time in Thessaloniki, from the Drama Studio of Arts. At the time, namely in 1973, the regime was called dictatorship. Today, of course, when the performance returns in Thessaloniki, the regime is called democracy.
Marios Pontikas

A Note form the Director
A Trombone, from which dreams, hopes, laughter, whispers and sinful secrets emerge.
A Trombone that covers with its sound all nightmares, fears and cries.
A Trombone that hides violence, domination, and cruelty.
A Trombone that covers up what we choose not to hear or see.
A Trombone that becomes a vehicle of expectations and dreams.
A Trombone that becomes a couch for sleeping moral senses.
A Trombone that stops its sounds to reveal the absurd and irrational of power.

Dimitris Sakatzis

Playwright: Marios Pontikas
Director: Dimitris Sakatzis
Sets -Costumes: Lila Karakosta
Music: Thodoros Abatzis
Lightings: Stratos Koutrakis
Assistant Director: Dimitra Tsakou
Assistant Scenographer: Kalliopi Efraimidou
Production: Ilias Kotopoulos

Cast: Tasos Perzikianidis, (Pelopidas), Giolanta Balaoura (Eftixia), Vassilis Spiropoulos (Man no.1), Dimitris Kolovos (Man no.3), Tasos Perzikianidis (Man no.3).

We express our gratitude to Vassilis Kanellopoulos, player of the Trombone, for all his help.

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Moni Lazariston – Socratis Karantinos Stage
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Translated by Konstantina Vika