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“Goodnight Margarita” by Gerasimos Stavrou at Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage (09/10/2018)

Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage
“Goodnight Margarita” by Gerasimos Stavrou
Directed by: Fotis Makris
DATES: 13/10/2018 – 21/04/2019
  • Wednesday at 18:00, Thursday-Friday-Saturday at 21:00, Sunday at 19:00
    (until 06/01/2019)
  • Wednesday at 18:00, Thursday-Friday-Saturday at 20:30, Sunday at 19:00
    (from 09/01/2019)
With English surtitles every Thursday
RUNNING TIME: 150 min (including interval)
TICKET SALES: NTNG Box Offices (Τ. 2315 200 200) | | Τ. 11876 

Director’s Note
The story of the play is set during the years of Occupation, in a small provincial town. A bourgeois province family is trying to survive in this cruel reality. However, its main problem is its own “internal” reality: Ruined relationships, denial to adapt to the new conditions imposed by the German Occupation, deeply hidden secrets that are revealed. Beyond all these, each one is trying to each one is interested only for himself, being indifferent to the fate of others.

This typical image-family of the Greek society –of then and maybe of now– will collapse from within. The young teacher, the family’s youngest child, Margarita will fire the explosives. When Margarita gets involved in the resistance against the Germans, becomes mature enough to accept the way out and escape from her environment. She finds her arguments in her own family.
Her death becomes the victory of life over the decay and death of the society that gave birth to her and betrayed her at the same time. Her biological end marks the beginning of a new world that will replace the previous one. Margarita’s last thought reflects her desire and hope that a better world for which she gave her life is reachable... or maybe not?...


Author’s Note
My play is set in a small provincial town. I believe that Greek reality is reflected in a clearer way within the framework of the restricted province. The whole drama takes place in a typical provincial family. My hero is an unsuspecting person, raised in a strict family environment. In front of the little child’s eyes creepy conflicts take place. Margarita is crashed among all these. A world which is suffering and starving, still keeps fighting and does not give up hope... Before being mature and experienced enough, she is obliged to choose a certain attitude towards life and she chooses to follow the path of hope and future.
Gerasimos Stavrou, Avgi Newspaper, March 1967
Source: Modern Greek History Records, available at:


Director: Fotis Makris
Sets: Antonis Dagklidis
Costumes: Christos Broufas
Music-Lyrics: Stamatis Kraounakis
Lighting: Nikos Vlasopoulos
Music Instruction: Nikos Voudouris
Video Art: Babis Venetopoulos
Assistant Director: Athina Sykioti
Assistant Set Designer: Elli Nalbanti
Production Photography: Tasos Thomoglou
Production Coordinator: Athanasia Androni

Nefeli Anthopoulou: Katerina
Aristotelis Zaharakis: Orestis
Sonia Kalaitzidou: Foteini
Giannis Karamfilis: Dervis
Lefteris Litharis: Uncle Thomas
Giorgos Ninios: Periklis
Ioanna Pagiataki: Antigoni
Katerina Papadaki: Margarita
Thodoris Skourtas: Stefanos
Eftychia Spyridaki: Angeliki
Athina Sykioti: Girl
Giorgos Sfyridis: Vasilis
Giannis Τsatsaris: Station master
With: Michalis Papadimitriou and Marios Tzogkanos. Accordion: Periklis Siountas
Gerasimos Stavrou play entitled “Goodnight Margarita” is a theatrical adaptation of the novel “Margarita Perdikari” by Dimitris Hatzis from the novel collection “The end of our small town”.