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Educational Programme: LES MISÉRABLES by Victor Hugo (15/10/2016)

“LES MISÉRABLES” by Victor Hugo
Adaptated & Directed by: Nikos Voudouris
Opening: 8 November 2016

Fulfilling its educational aim, the National Theatre of Northern Greec, presents a new educational programme: a theatrical version of Victor Hugo’s globally acclaimed novel “Les Misérables”, adapted and directed by Nikos Voudouris. The educational programme is offered to schools with the support of the Municipalities.
About the play
“Les Misérables” describes the lives of the impoverished residents of Paris and the French province of the early 19th century, following the adventures of Jean Valjean and his persecutor, the policeman Iaveris. Around these two ambiguous characters, Hugo composes a unique gallery of heroes in order to explore the meaning of Good and Evil.



Director’s Note
The ongoing crisis of culture and society leaves us, once more, with no choice but concentrate on the subject of poverty and inequality. Using excerpts from “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo as starting point, we unfold on stage our thoughts and our concerns for the socio-cultural context in which we live.

The performances-presentations take place in classrooms. No significant change of the classrooms’ layout is required.  The programme is addressed to students of the 5th and 6th grade of Elementary School and of the 1st, 2d and 3d grade of High School.
Due to the great number of schools that offered to host the programme, “Les Misérables” are going to visit each school of Thessaloniki’s Municipalities just once in order to cover the greatest number of schools possible. NTNG will give priority to those schools that it has not had the opportunity to visit until now.

From 8 November 2016
Duration: 45 minutes