2nd Meeting of Young Artists of Southeast Europe

2017-2018 National Theatre of Northern Greece
2nd Meeting of Young Artists of Southeast Europe
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 22/09/2018

Approach of the Comic 

Approach of the Comic The Meeting’s main topic will be the approach of the Comic element and the way it is being used not only in comedies but tragedies as well. Starting with Aristophanes we will try to identify a link between the ancient tradition and contemporary use of Comic, highlighting its political dimension. During the Meeting we are going to investigate the comic element in certain situations, the way it is represented by various characters, as well as by different stage techniques. Moreover, new perspectives and correlations with the contemporary social and political reality will emerge.
During one week, a series of workshops and lectures will be held and performances will be presented, aiming at modern views and approaches of the Comic. The whole enterprise will be realized through the collaboration of various artists coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, while the final presentation of this cooperation will be open to the public.

1 - 2nd Meeting of Young Artists of Southeast Europe
Workshop: Mihalis Sionas
Workshop: Martha Foka
Presentation: Amalia Papastergiou
Coordination: Gianna Tsokou
Participation: Yorgos Blanas
Participation: Nikos Chatzopoulos
Participation: Υannis Anastasakis
Coordination: Amalia Kontoyanni
Coordination: Aris Stilianou
2 - Socrates, the Survivor / Just like leaves
A performance based on the novel “Il Sopravvissuto” by Antonio Scurati and inspired by the work of Plato, Cees Nooteboom and Georges I. Gurdjieff.

School and the forming of conscience are presented through philosophy and tragedy. Between the hours preceding the execution of Socrates by order of the city and the moment in which the student Vitaliano Caccia shoots dead the entire matriculation board, sparing only the philosophy teacher, a battle is waged against western thinking.
Director: Simone Derai
Art Distribution Note
Cast: Marco Menegoni, Iohanna Benvegna, Marco Ciccullo, Matteo D’Amore, Piero Ramella, Margherita Sartor, Massimo Simonetto, Mariagioia Ubaldi, Francesca Scapinello
Costumes: Serena Bussolaro, Simone Derai
Music and sound design: Mauro Martinuz
Video: Simone Derai, Giulio Favotto
With: Domenico Santonicola (Socrates), Piero Ramella (Alcibiades), Francesco Berton, Marco Ciccullo, Saikou Fofana, Giovanni Genovese, Elvis Ljede, Jacopo Molinari, Piermaria Muraro, Massimo Simonetto
Masks: Silvia Bragagnolo, Simone Derai
Aerial shots: Tommy Ιlai, Camilla Marcon
Concept and editing: Simone Derai, Giulio Favotto
Director of photography and post production: Giulio Favotto / Otium
Stageplay: Simone Derai, Patrizia Vercesi
3 - Antigone
Based on Sophocles’ “Antigone”

The “Antigone” project was created as a final exam of students of the third year at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka in the class of the professor Velimir Blanic. Since the topic of the third year is the issue of genre, we decided to present Antigone’s text in the form of an experiment, based on the motives of the ancient tragedy, broken by dancing, fighting and stylized stage movement. The play focuses on stage action and uses only a few sentences.
Director: Velimir Blanic
Art Distribution Note
Assistant Director: Smiljana Marinković
Set and Costume design: Dragana Purković Macan
Choreography: Ana Tešić
Students / Actors: Marko Radojević (Creon, Polynices), Petar Miljuš / Marko Nedeljković (Creon, Oedipus), Nadežda Kostić (Antigone, Jocasta), Milica Glogovac (Antigone), Bojana Supić (Tiresias, Ismene, Antigone), Aleksandra Plahin (Ismene, Antigone), Miroslav Sinkić (Haemon, Eteocles), Ognjen Todorović / Milan Dimić (Creon, Polynices, Tiresias).
4 - The Phoenician Women
The adaptation of the ancient drama “The Phoenician Women” by Lade Kaštelan deals with topics that are universal and current. The leitmotif of the two brothers who kill each other because of their struggle for power is very common in many stories of different cultures.

In this performance, Phoenician women are like refugees who try to find a better future. This adaptation reveals a feminist view of the myth and, at the same time, focuses on the passive way with which everyone is waiting for the tragic event to occur without doing anything. But a better future will come only if people stop being passive viewers of their own lives.
Author: Sophocles
Director: Ozren Prohic
Adaptation: Lade Kastelan
Art Distribution Note
Set Design: Vedran Hrustanović
Costume Design: Lejla Hodzic
Choreography: Zrinka Lukčec-Kiko
Music: Asim Horozić, Toni Toplan
Dramaturgy: Džejna Hodžić
Light Design: Moamer Šaković
Poster Design: Mila Melank
Stage manager: Nihad Kapic
Prompter: Esmeralda Abdijević
Cast: Sanela Pepeljak, Amra Kapidzic, Mona Muratovic (Phoenician Women), Mediha Musliovic (Jokasta), Aldin Omerović (Polynices), Vedran Đekić (Eteocles), Ermin Sijamija (Creon), Emina Muftić (Tiresias), Nerman Mahmutović (Menoeceus),
Anja Drljevic (Antigone), Slaven Vidak (Oedipus).
Taking part in workshops and performances will be provided at no cost for certain groups/artists members that will be chosen by an artistic committee.
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (22/09/2018 - 29/09/2018)
The Meeting is subsidized by the Greek Ministry of Culture as part of the International Network of Ancient Drama.
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