With Power from Kifissia


With Power from Kifissia
Lazaristes Monastery - Small Theatre, 4/12/2014
Excerpts from the performance
Studio: NTNG
. Ada Liakou - Camera operation
. Manos Papadakis - Editing
VideoClip DurationDescription
2'54'' Lila Vlahopoulou, Maria Tsima, Athina Sykioti
2'56'' Maria Tsima, Lamprini Aggelidou, Lila Vlahopoulou, Athina Sykioti
2'45'' Lamprini Aggelidou, Maria Tsima
2'55'' Lamprini Aggelidou, Maria Tsima, Lila Vlahopoulou
2'56'' Lamprini Aggelidou, Maria Tsima, Athina Sykioti
2'54'' Lila Vlahopoulou, Athina Sykioti